We were skaters, teachers, and techies, living in the crazy city of Beijing, China, thrown together by a shared vision of design, community, and transformation. We knew that our time was short. We knew that our message was important. We all had stories, testimonies that when shared to an open ear and open heart, could plant the seed of hope in a country that desperately needed it. But we were all visitors who couldn't speak the local language well enough to spark the conversation. (And to top it off, it was/is still technically illegal to be a missionary in China.) So how could we share what we knew we had share?

Born from sketches on napkins and conversations over shots of espresso, the answer came in the form of “The Subtitle”. It was a simple message, explicit truth through a verse printed in both English and Chinese on the inside of a t-shirt that, when flipped to the front, delivered the punch that we were looking for: opportunity.

Coupled with dynamic designs that drew upon skater, hip-hop, and underground cultures, this provocative yet subtle idea solidified the vision of SHORT+SAVAGE. Fast-forward to now, and you’ll find we haven't changed much - our shirts still push the boundaries and we're still trying to deliver the Word in the best way we can.


And while our shirts have found their way from China to Uganda, from Seattle to Puerto Rico, we’re all about keeping it simple. We don’t care about the big numbers. We care about the smallest ratio: one to one. It’s all about relationships. You and the people you serve. Communities and companies. Ideas and individuals. You and us. SHORT+SAVAGE.

Let us be part of your story.