How to Share Your Story Through a T-shirt

"Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who
asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.
But do this with gentleness and respect"​         
1 Peter 3:15



Wearing a SHORT+SAVAGE t-shirt can be a great way to start the conversation, but it's up to you where it goes from there.

Here a couple tips we've found helpful when sharing our story and our hearts with others when they ask about our shirts:

Be prepared. Each shirt carries a message. Familiarize yourself with the verse(s) and the story, parable or inspiration behind your shirt.


Be connected. Share how the design on the shirt relates to your personal story.


Be genuine. Don't be afraid to share your faith without having the "right" words to say. Just be yourself and be real. The most powerful testimony is usually the one given by the person who experienced it.


Be respectful. Don't force your faith on others. Faith can be a hot topic for some and not everyone will be receptive. Keep in mind some people may have a history of pain or hurt that is associated with Christianity or "the church".


Have common sense. Our shirts can be worn in closed countries, but know when the situation calls for you to speak directly, and know when it is better to guard your words.


Don't worry if you've never shared your faith before. We all have to start somewhere. We may not be the most eloquent speakers, but let's share this amazing thing we have with others and leave the rest in God's incredibly capable and loving hands.