Who We Support

 First and foremost, our goal at SHORT+SAVAGE is to share the Love of Jesus Christ through our shirts. But we also believe that we are called to use what have been given to help those who are out there living their faith through action. SHORT+SAVAGE does this through financial, spiritual, and graphic support.

Below is a short list of some of the organizations that we support (missions to closed countries are not listed for safety reasons):



Lake Forest Park Student Ministries

Mission Ministries

Youth Missions International

Sanctuary Arts

Sherman Pregnancy Care Center


As well as general support for these organizations, all proceeds from  the INFINITE WATER shirt go towards purchasing water filters for families in the colonias of Juarez, Mexico. In the fall of 2013, we were fortunate enough to take part in a short term mission trip to deliver a batch of these water filters and document the experience in a short film named after the community we visited: KILOMETER 33.